2011 WFTDA Championships: WCR Falls Short to KCRW 112-95

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Coming in #1 in the north central region, the WCR All-Stars took to the track on day 2 of the WFTDA Championships, facing off against the Kansas City Roller Warriors. With high hopes of beating their first opponent and moving forward in tournament play, it was not meant to be as Kansas City pulled out a win against the All-Stars.

The first half of the bout saw KCRW slowly picking their way forward in points. With neither team clearly grabbing a firm hold to the top spot, it was anyone’s guess as to how the first half would end. It was a tied game after jam 10, with Zoe Trocious scoring the 3 points to even the score. But the last 10 jams of the half saw WCR only capturing 4 additional points while KCRW pushed ahead, gaining 17 points, to end the half 42 to 29 (Kansas City).

The WCR All-Stars came into the second half with a renewed spirit and brought the fight back the Kansas City. Just as KCRW picked away at the points in the first half, the WCR All-Stars began to chip away at KCRW’s lead with each passing jam. In jam 9, while KCWR was busy attempting a star pass, Athena DeCrime grabbed lead jammer status and  pushed the All-Stars into the lead by getting WCR 4 points, ending the jam with a score 60-57 (WCR).

The All-Stars kept mounting their points and widening the gap as the second half pushed on. But their momentum came to a halt. With12 minutes left in the bout, the tide turned as the All-Stars gained no ground for 7 jams. It didn't help that the All-Stars could not keep themselves out of the penalty box, which included the expulsion of Jackie Daniels with 3 minutes left to the bout. KCRW took advantage of the frequency with which the All-Stars were being sent to the box by claiming lead jammer status jam after jam, clawing their way back into the top position.

With recurring trips to the penalty box, coupled with the repeated claim of lead jammer by KCRW, the All-stars could not gain their footing and lost their chance at the Hydra Trophy. With a final score of 112-95, Kansas City moves forward to face their next opponent tonight while WCR celebrates a top-notch final bout and the end of their 2011 season.

Even though this was a loss, the bout was a wonderful display of the level of tenacity that WCR plays at. It demonstrated why the Windy City Rollers are a top derby team. Varla Vendetta, Yvette YourMaker, Athena DeCrime, Jackie Daniels, Wreck N Shrew and Zoe Trocious all displayed some great jamming when they cleared the pack. It was not just their speed, but also agilely jumping the apex, juking around a seemingly solid wall, and even a display of a “crazy octopus” move (as the announcers called it) which helped the All-Stars rack up points and maintain a close score for most of the bout.

Even with their defense spending a lot of time in the box, WCR’s blocking powerhouse made KCRW fight for their win. Bork Bork Bork, Ol' Drrrty Go-Go, Sargentina, Tori Adore, Jackie Daniels, Hoosier Mama, Amy Nonamey, Georgia on Yer Behind, Deb Autry and the rest of the All-Star defense built tough walls for KCRW to breech and hit hard at every chance. Even with a single blocker on the track at times, it was never an easy pass for KCRW. With great game play and sportsmanship (Hoosier Mama embraced opponent skater Kelly Young after a jam) the All-Stars can return to Chicago still feeling like champions as they set their sights on their 2012 season!

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