2012 Travel Team Rosters

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Announcing the rosters for your 2012 Windy City Roller Travel Teams! Congratulations to all the skaters, new and returning veterans. Come to the UIC Pavilion on Saturday, March 31 for your first chance to see these teams in their first home bout of the season!

WCR All-Stars

Jackie Daniels - Captain

Ol' Drrrty Go-Go - Captain

Athena DeCrime

Beth Amphetamine

Bork Bork Bork

Georgia On Yer Behind

Hoosier Mama


Kola Loka


Mo Vengeance

Mya Ssault

Ruth Enasia


Sunshine N Painbows


Varla Vendetta

Yvette YourMaker

Zoe Trocious


Second Wind

Ada Hatelace - Captain

Ying O'Fire - Captain


AliSin Chains

Cruel Whip

Dinah Party

Janicide Joplin

Julia Rosenwinkel

Mel Content

Outlaw Ferrel

Phoebe Fi Fo Fum

Rose Feratu

Sassy Squash

Ska Face

Tay Q Down

Thievin' Tyler

T.S. Helliot


Wreck N Shrew

Yameet Ur Doom

Zombea Arthur


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