About the League

Who are we? We're the Windy City Rollers, Chicago's premier women's flat track roller derby league. What's that mean? It means we're a league of nearly one hundred individuals dedicated solely to playing and supporting the fastest growing sport of the new millennium.

The Windy City Rollers are comprised of four home teams: the Double Crossers, The Fury, Hell’s Belles, and Manic Attackers. New skaters to the league start out on the farm team, the Haymarket Rioters, where they hone their skills until they are drafted to a home team. The strongest skaters from each team play for the Windy City Rollers' All-Stars, who represent the league nationally. Also playing on the road is WCR’s B Team, the Second Wind, who take on other leagues in the region to sharpen their skills at interleague play.

Want to know more? Read on to learn more about our history, our future, and the hard-hitting sport of roller derby. Then get away from the computer and come see us skate!

Talk Derby to Your Friends!
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