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Posted April 12th, 2014

“We got some really solid transfers and draft picks this year, all of whom fit in seamlessly with our team. It’s something that’s really helped us regroup and rebuild faster.”

Posted April 12th, 2014

At this time last year, the Double Crossers and Hell's Belles didn't really have anywhere to go but up.

Posted January 17th, 2014

Roller derby, Krav Maga training and ... baking cakes? We caught up with Daft Spunk, a transfer from the Atlanta Rollergirls and one of the newest members of the Manic Attackers, to talk about how she spends some of her non-derby time and how she got into this wonderful sport.

Posted December 13th, 2013

Ms. Dr. Joseph L. Simonis may be new to the Windy City Rollers and her home team, the Double Crossers, but she's not new to derby. We caught up with the transfer from the Ithaca League of Women Rollers ahead of her Windy City debut this Saturday.

Posted December 12th, 2013

In just two days, the 2014 rookies will be making their home team debuts. We caught up with Kitty Mittons, a rookie drafted by 2013 Ivy King Cup champions The Fury to talk about how she got into roller derby and what she's looking forward to this season.

Posted November 22nd, 2013

After eight long years of service in stripes, the Windy City Rollers are losing their highly esteemed Senior Referee, Dr. Vroom, to retirement and something called "real life." Although we are saddened to see her go and not sure what do with ourselves in her absence, we wanted to share our favorite memories of Vroom in a WCR-style farewell.

Posted November 8th, 2013

Just more than a month ago, the Windy City All-Stars booked their ticket to the WFTDA international roller derby championships for the eighth season in a row. Days later, Team USA Roller Derby announced its final selection of more than two dozen top players from around the country. Among the picking for the 2014 World Cup was none other than Chicago's own double-threat, Jackie Daniels. Just before Jackie and the team hit the road for the start of the WFTDA Championships, we caught up with the self-proclaimed workhorse to get ...

Posted November 7th, 2013

"I never thought it would be nine years."
Athena DeCrime shakes her head slightly and smiles. She's talking about the length of her career with the Windy City Rollers -- a career that will soon be over. She played her last home bout with the WCR All-Stars on Oct. 19 (a 240-127 win over the Detroit Derby Girls) and will skate in her final WFTDA Championship this weekend in Milwaukee.

Posted October 17th, 2013

Last month Sandrine Rangeon announced that she had made the decision to join the Windy City Rollers after a short stint coaching and traveling abroad.
As a former member of the Denver Roller Dolls, Sandrine was awarded MVP Jammer in the 2012 WFTDA Championships, in which her team took home the bronze medal. She also played for Team France in the first roller derby World Cup in Toronto in 2011, helping her country to a good first campaign while also taking home the Team France MVP award.
Sandrine has also played ice ...

Posted August 21st, 2013

Legal Tenderizer came to the Windy City Rollers last year, and after being drafted by the Hell’s Belles, made an immediate splash as a starter and as one of the Belles’ best pure defensive players. This weekend she will resume play with the Second Wind against the Minnesota RollerGirls B Team, and told us a little about her first year and playing for both teams.

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