Hell’s Belles Take Manic Attackers Down to the Wire

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Saturday night’s second bout was a serious barn-burner.  The Manic Attackers faced off against a hungry Hell’s Belles team and won the bout 103-95, taking it down to the last jam.  The Manics and the Belles both were bringing everything they had to the track including a hurt Val Capone blocking for the raucous ladies in electric Manic blue.  “If I didn’t wanna play hard, I would play darts,” said Capone as she took the track nursing a hairline fracture and generally not caring too much about the injury.  With that being said, the Manic Attackers showed their softer side honoring their spirit animal during their intro and embracing the beauty of Mother Nature.

Early in the bout saw an Amazonian jam between Ruth Enasia and the towering inferno, Deb Autry.  Both ladies brought their A-game to the table but Deb Autry came out on top, scoring three points.  With these two giants setting a precedent for their teams, both the Hell’s Belles and the Manic Attackers were going to make a run of it.

If the Chicago Bears had their Monsters of the Midway, the Manic Attackers have an equally aggressive and dominant entity behind Bork Bork Bork, AliSin Chains and Mo Vengeance.  They were mashing up the track and leaving a red streak of Hell’s Belles carnage.  Their hitting didn’t go unanswered, though, and Hermoine Danger, Dinah Party and Yameet Ur Doom were drawing hits in for the Belles.  Halfway into the first half, the bout was turning into a blocking practice as both teams’ blockers and jammers were laying waste to each other as they mangled their way through the pack.  It was as if there was no sacred ground and no team member untouched.  Even with Val Capone's hairline fracture, she made short work of the Hell’s Belles’ jammers and blockers alike.

Both sides of the benches had a number of excellent jams through the melee of hits.  The Manic Attackers stood on top of Zoe Trocious, Beth Amphetamine, Ruth Enasia and Wreck N Shrew as the Hell’s Belles were relying heavily on Zombea Arthur, Shocka Conduit, Deb Autry and Pominatrix.

As the half drew to an end the Manic Attackers’ hard-hitting slowed the Hell’s Belles, but didn’t stop them.  Behind excellent blocking on both sides of the scoreboard, both teams had a chance of walking away with a win.  Halftime came with the Manic Attackers up 64-38.

The ladies from both sides came out slugging after the half with Shocka Conduit scoring a grand slam for the Hell’s Belles and Zoe Trocious answering right back.  The hard hitting continued and Bork Bork Bork was making mince meat of the Hell’s Belles blocking crew.  The Hell’s Belles proved their second half stamina with Zombea Arthur skating as though she was beginning-of-the-game fresh.  The Manic Attackers were answering back with strong jams from Ruth Enasia who was employing the “hit it and quit it” technique.

As the second half wore on, it was evident that the Manic Attackers were running out of gas and the Hell’s Belle’s were trying to capitalize on their low energy.  Pitting Ruth Enasia and Zombea Arthur against each other, it was as though David was facing Goliath again, only this time with serious sass.  Zombea Arthur brought four points against Ruth Enasia and the Hell’s Belles were off on mounting a serious comeback.

Both teams were feeding off the fever pitch swirling inside the walls of UIC Pavilion.  Hermoine Danger and Yameet Ur Doom were working well together, helping to combine a one-two blow to the Manic Attackers and geting their own jammers through the pack.  Within the last ten minutes of the bout, the energy was shifting between both teams and you could almost hear the breath of the true fans in the stands.  While the Hell’s Belles were dishing out punishment, their fans were raising the roof, and as the Manic Attackers mounted their fight, their fan base was peeling the paint with their exuberance.

Deb Autry managed a 15-point jam with less than three minutes to go and the intensity reached a near-breaking point.  The crowd wasn’t going to let this bout go without a powerful rally behind their troops.   Shocka Conduit backed Deb Autry with a grand slam, bringing the Hell’s Belles to within eight points with enough time for one last jam.

The crowd was on fire with the Hell’s Belles on the cusp of tallying their second win for the season.  The Manic Attackers lined up Beth Amphetamine against Deb Autry.  Beth Amphetamine took the field and got lead jammer, blowing through the pack like a wraith and almost immediately calling it off.  The Manic Attackers won 103-95, but not without a strong showing by the Hell’s Belles.  For all that it’s worth, the bout was an excellent show of physical prowess on both sides.  The Manic Attackers stand against The Fury in the next bout while the Hell’s Belles look to add a second win against the Double Crossers in the second bout.

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    • KZ said:

      I loved watching B'Amp blow through the pack and turn to wave goodbye.

    • VanDawl said:

      Excellent write up. I hope Petercoffinail continues to write such descriptive pieces. :)

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