Hell’s Belles Slaughter The Fury’s Winning Streak

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The first jam of this season-changing bout started off in The Fury’s favor with Kola Loka racing against Zombea Arthur. With a track-cutting penalty, Zombea Arthur was sent to the penalty box leaving Kola Loka unopposed. Even though the Belles were doing their best to control the front of the pack, Kola Loka easily scored 15 points.

The Fury kept dominating the track through the next several jams that relied heavily on veteran skaters. T.S. Helliot, Janicide Joplin, KonichiWOW, Poppy Spock, Mel Content and Take Out Box were standouts for their brilliant blocking and their ability to switch quickly from defensive to offensive play.

The Belles gained momentum mid-game with an explosion of points in the 11th jam. Voted Most Improved Skater for 2011, Phoebe Fi Fo Fum lived up to her title with her lightning fast and agile dancer-like skating. With the help of phenomenal blocking from Yameet Ur Doom, Pominatrix and Abita! Down, the jam ended with 9 points awarded to the Belles, and by the 10 minute mark the score was 34 (Fury) to 29 (Belles).

The Belles’ point scoring continued well into the 15th jam, which pitted Unicoroner against Rusty Razorskates. Yameet Ur Doom, Pominatrix and Trouble Helix created a wall, which made it a lot of work for The Fury to get their jammer out.  With lead jammer status, Unicoroner scored well-deserved points for the Belles, regardless of the strong knock-down blocking from T.S. Helliot, changing the lead and ending the jam with the Belles on top 38-36.

Beefy bruiser blocking from Deb Autry, Dinah Party and Mya Ssault on the Belles and multiple penalties from The Fury kept the Belles in the lead. Both teams went into half time with the Belles dominating 69-40.

With a 2 year winning streak on the line, The Fury really stepped it up in the second half. In the 11th jam, Pominatrix raced against workhorse Kola Loka, and fans got to see lots of jammer on jammer blocking. Kola Loka quickly made it through the pack on the inside and Pominatrix was close behind due to a strategic whip from Tay Q. Down.  As Pominatrix rounded the corner, Jackie Daniels blocked Pominatrix out of bounds, allowing Kola Loka to score 13 points to bring The Fury up to 67 points against the Belle's 107.

The 19th jam starred Zombea Arthur and Take Out Box jamming for the first time of the night. T.S. Helliot spent a great deal of time successfully holding back Zombea Arthur until penalties sent 3 members of The Fury out of the game.  Zombea Arthur power jammed her way to a score of 130-79.

Ultimately, The Fury couldn’t catch up and The Hell’s Belles smashed down their winning streak with a final score of 140-79. Zombea Arthur was awarded MVP, having scored an impressive 68 points.

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    • LeBron Shames said:

      Penalties against The Fury played a huge part in this game.

      Power jams galore for the Belles, coupled with Deb leading the blocking charge from the center.

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