Haymarket Rioters

The Haymarket Rioters are WCR's farm team, a group of up-and-coming skaters currently honing their skills and learning roller derby fundamentals. Aided by valuable coaching from established veterans, the purpose of the farm team is to bring new skaters up to the competitive level necessary to skate for one of the 4 WCR home teams. Study these faces closely; you're looking at the future superstars of the Windy City Rollers!




2016 Team Members

Albus Rumblemore
Alexandra Cedroni
Alexandra Vitale
Alexandra Wallace
Amanda Collins
Anna Krembs
Anna Little
BésaMae West
Brute Skater Ginsburg
Casey YaLater
Chi-Shank Redemption
Christina Kearns
Christine Gion
Double Dee Trouble
Eleanor Anderson
Erica Tama
Finite Skate Machine
Gena Grocke
Gillian Verdico
Hannibal Wrecker
Hell Vetica
Juke Nuke 'em
Kiss My Asterix
Mary Tyler Gore
Mega Burns
Mischief Manager
Missy Malicious
Olivia Stovicek
Rollchelle, Rollchelle!
Sonia Sotomalicious
Stephanie Manis
Surly Hell
Tabatha Selina Wells
Yulia TymoShankYou

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    2015 Team Members

    Previous Teams

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