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This week, Gapers Block and the RedEye gear up for the highly anticipated Ivy King Cup Championship bout. Meanwhile, the Examiner is left breathless when the Second Wind and All-Stars stomp on Cincinnati.

Gapers Block

Windy City Rollers' Set for Ivy King Cup Championship

After a grueling season, the Windy City Rollers are ready to kick it Thunderdome style. At the Ivy King Cup Championship this Saturday, June 18, two teams enter; only one team leaves (or rather, leaves with the coveted cup). This year, it's down to The Fury and the Manic Attackers, two teams who are maintaining their reps as hard-to-beat skaters.

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RedEye 6/13/11

Windy City Rollers: Ivy King Cup Championship

The Fury and Manic Attackers try to batter their way to a roller-derby title. They were kind enough to wait until the Stanley Cup finals and NBA Finals were over before stealing the championship spotlight.



Windy City blows into Cincinnati Part I

It was hot, it was sticky and it was miserable in the Cincinnati Gardens on Saturday, but there was roller derby and in fact one of the very best teams in all of WFTDA came to town; #9 in the world and #1 in the North Central division the Windy City Rollers.

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Windy City blows into Cincinnati Part II

The main event of the evening was a WFTDA sanctioned bout between the Cincinnati Black Sheep and the Windy City Rollers’ All-Stars. Windy City owed this victory to their defense, Cincinnati’s blockers were unable to help out their jammers, and instead the jammers looked to be flying solo and fighting for their lives. The final score Windy City 178, Cincinnati 83.

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