Manic Attackers End Regular Season with Trip To IKC Championship

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By Guest Writer grumpdawg

In the second bout Saturday night at UIC Pavilion, the Manic Attackers took on the Double Crossers.  With their spot in the Ivy King Cup secure due to The Fury’s victory over the Hells Belles in the first bout of the evening, the Manic Attackers looked to build momentum heading towards the championship.  For their part, the Double Crossers looked to end the season on a positive note, despite the fact that they faced a tough uphill fight without a number of their key players including Captain Georgia on Yer Behind, Sassy Squash, Indycent, and Berg.

The Manic Attackers got off to a fast start as Bork Bork Bork, Amy Nonamey, Mo Vengeance, AliSin Chains, and Tamikaze frustrated the Crossers jammers and opened holes for Manic jammers Wreck N Shrew, Zoe Trocious, Beth Amphetamine, and Thieven’ Tyler.  By the fifth jam, the Manics had built a 39-0 lead on rookie Thieven Tyler’s nine point jam.  The Double Crossers refused to go quietly into the night, however, and on the next jam, Crossers Captain Julia Rosenwinkel picked up a grand slam on nice offensive blocking from the Crossers pack.  Abbey then picked up another four points for the Crossers in the seventh jam to give them hope.

Despite inspired and determined play from the Double Crossers pack including Karmageddon, Norma Lee Wright, Joanie Utah, Tina Flay, Miss D. Meaner, Sunshine N Painbows, and Teriyaki, the Manics reasserted control of the pack and built an 80-9 lead by the fourteenth jam.  In the fifteenth jam, rookie Crossers jammer Dani Get Your Guns picked up lead and three points despite starting the jam in the box behind strong defense from Karmageddon, Sunshine N Painbows, and Tina Flay.  To make the Crossers struggle more difficult, the jam ended with Karma injured and out of the bout on a big hit from Wreck N Shrew.  The Crossers did not score again in the first period and the Manics built a 93-12 lead by halftime on strong jams from rookies Bellatrix Lapain and Thieven Tyler.

In the second period, the Manics picked up where they left off, extending their lead to 135-12 by the fourth jam.  The Double Crossers continued to trade vicious hits in the pack with the Manic blockers, and their hard work paid off with their Julia Rosenwinkel and Dani Get Your Guns picking up points in the fifth, eighth, and tenth jams, including a 14-point jam from Julia.  The Manic depth took its toll over the course of the bout, and they were able to jam most players on the team, getting points from veteran pack players Val Capone, Bork Bork Bork, and Tamikaze, and rookies Boo Meringue, Beaster Bunny, and Lola Getz.  With the clock at zero, the Manics prevailed by a score of 238-35 and set the stage for the upcoming match-up with The Fury for the Ivy King Cup.

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