Manic Attackers Hold Double Crossers Down

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The Manic Attackers unleashed the hounds on the Double Crossers Saturday night at the UIC Pavilion as they ran away with a 168-39 win.  With all of the talent that both teams possess, the lop-sided score was a little unsettling for the Double Crossers as they remain winless this season and the Manic Attackers improve their record to 2-1.

Both teams were working tirelessly to get their jammers through the pack, but the Manic Attacker’s near impenetrable wall of Bork Bork Bork, Rose Feratu, AliSin Chains and Val Capone proved to be a deciding factor in the bout’s outcome.  Right out of the gates the hitting was intense with Double Crosser jammer Julia Rosenwinkel going down hard in the first jam and needing to be helped off the track.

Wreck N Shrew scored first blood, netting four points for the Manic Attackers.  Once the skates hit the track, the Manic Attackers ran away with the score and never really looked back.  Ruth Enasia, Beth Amphetamine and Zoe Trocious added to the score and within the first ten jams, the Manic Attackers had amassed 36 points to the Double Crossers’ five.

The Double Crossers were working feverishly to keep the Manic Attackers jammer line at bay.  Team captain Georgia on Yer Behind, rookie hotshot Sunshine N Painbows and Norma Lee Wright were working well together recycling blockers and roughing up the opposing jammers, but their efforts were still falling short.  The Double Crossers were throwing everything they had at the Manic Attackers, even lining up Dame Over against Beth Amphetamine, but the Manics wouldn’t let up.

By the time the teams went to the locker rooms for the half, the score was locked in at 74-14 in favor of the Manic Attackers, who were firing on all pistons and showing why they are a solid contender for the Ivy King Cup Championship this year.

As second half action started, Wreck N Shrew lined up against Julia Rosewinkel and made short work of the Double Crossers pack, scoring nine points and stretching the Manic Attackers lead even further.  The hard hitting continued from both team’s side of the line.  Amy NoNamey added a wealth of excellent hits to help contribute to her team’s lead.  Pound for pound, both teams were giving their all when it came to blocking.

Karmageddon was hitting like a woman possessed pulling double duty for the Double Crossers.  As the Manic Attackers’ score went over the century mark, the Double Crossers were reaching hard to catch up.  Indy Cent was working full-time jamming for the Double Crossers and moving through the pack like a heat seeking missile.
With less than nine minutes in the bout, the Manic Attackers were up by 110 points, with a score of 138-28.  Their lead was not only insurmountable, but the Manics were still in top form, as if they were trying to send a message to the other home teams.  With the minutes starting to wind down, the Manic Attackers worked some of their rookies into the jammer rotation.  Bellatrix La Pain made her rookie debut but was unable to tally any points.

The Double Crossers weren’t going down without a fight and kept pounding away at the Manic Attackers from all angles.  To seal the final nail in the coffin, Rose Feratu took the jammer line and scored 18 points.  As she skated back to her bench, the crowd regaled her with the happy birthday song in anticipation of her upcoming birthday and apparent early birthday gift of winning points.  When the final buzzer sounded, the Manic Attackers had demolished the Double Crossers with a 168-39 final score.  The Double Crossers just didn’t have enough gas in the tank to pull off a win, and so they remain winless this season.  Bork Bork Bork received Player of the Game and is quickly becoming an anchor for the Manic Attackers.

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