Manic Attackers Mangle Double Crossers

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Both the Manic Attackers and the Double Crossers were looking to make an impression on the league Saturday night as they faced off against each other.

Supporting the Alzheimer's Association, the Manic Attackers are still gaining traction from last season with a solid mixture of rookies, newer skaters and their old guard, including Ying O’Fire, back from giving birth to her baby girl during the off-season.  For this team, there is no sign of weakness and winning is the only option. The text-in crowd votes showed the popular sentiment laying in these ladies favor in winning the entire evening.

The Double Crossers skated for the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago. The team is looking for some vindication after a lack luster season last year. With a pair of their hardest hitters in Norma Lee Wright and Georgia on Yer Behind opting for just the All-Star team, the Double Crossers have their work cut out for them.

Though the Double Crossers were trying to be a physical presence on the track, it was overshadowed by the intensity of the Manic Attackers defense. Impenetrable and unrelenting, Bork Bork Bork, Mo Vengeance, Lola Getz, Rose Feratu, Ruth Enasia, and anyone wearing electric blue and yellow was making it hard for the Double Crossers to negotiate the track.

That’s not to say the Double Crossers weren’t even there, with Nina Faile in the lineup after missing the 2011 season on injury, the prospects looked good. Combined with solid jamming from Abbey, Dani Get Your Guns, Sunshine N Painbows and rookie Teddy Slams there was a sprinkle of hope for the silent ninjas. As the bout continued on, though, the Manic Attackers threw blow after blow until there were only smoldering remains of the Double Crossers.

The Manic Attackers showed their true grit on the track. With a solid line up and a big bag of hard hits, they showed the Double Crossers their toughness and gave the rest of the league a taste of what this season will look like. The Manic Attackers won the bout with a score of 103-36. They went on to face The Fury while the Double Crossers went on to face the Hell’s Belles.

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