Second Wind Corners the Market on the Wall Street Traitors

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In an epic meeting of monstrous proportions, the Windy City Rollers’ Second Wind closed out Gotham’s Wall Street Traitors 166-77 on July 30th at the UIC Pavilion.  The Second Wind pulled their might together and turned the evening into an all-out slaughtering, demolishing and deconstructing a win-backed Gotham B-Team.  The Wall Street Traitors brought the Skyline Cup to the Pavilion and put it on the line against the dashing dames in electric blue, only to lose it for the first time since its inception in 2007.

WST brought their taking-a-knee-and-walling-in-front-of-the-jammer-line technique to the track.  Though it brought them success in the past, the Second Wind was easy to adapt to it and maneuver around a sluggish WST blocker package.  Second Wind jammers Ska Face and Wreck N Shrew brought the points quickly in the beginning with the “hit it & quit it” technique.  Tamikaze and Indycent added early points for the Second Wind, both tallying grand slams apiece.

There was no lack of physical presence on the track either from the Second Wind.  Chicago body-pounding came by way of Unicoroner, Hermione Danger, AliSin Chains, Mo Vengeance and Zombea Arthur.  These ladies were pivotal in holding WST jammers Brazilian Nut, Double Clutch and Care Bear Scare.  The Second Wind had the WST rocked on their heels to the point that they had to call a timeout within the first seven minutes and reevaluate their attack.

As the half poured on, the Second Wind jammer crew scored on the WST at will and tallied an impressive 101 points before the final whistle for the first half of the bout.  There was a moment of hope for the WST in the first half coming during the second to last jam.  Double Clutch, taking punishment but staying mobile, racked up an impressive 4 grand slams behind two major penalties in a row by Second Wind Captain, Ska Face.

The Traitors attempted to bring a bag of tricks into the UIC Pavilion, but the Second Wind stole the bag, ate the candy and ran off in a sugar-filled rage to score an unprecedented 101 points in the first half.  The Skyline Cup was no longer safe at this point.  Between the consistent hitting from the Second Wind blockers and the scoring ability from their jammer line, there was no real question as to who would win the Cup.  The fact of the matter was, The Second Wind wanted the win, saw the opportunity, adapted, and overcame with extreme intensity.  They took the tenacity of the Windy City and brought it to the five boroughs and beat The WST the same way the U.S. beat the Soviets in ’80.

As the second half began, Wreck N Shrew and Sunshine N Painbows came out swinging.  Wreck N Shrew scored a grand slam and Sunshine N Painbows added four impressive grand slams of her own.  Both teams were working the pack like a meat grinder, but the Second Wind proved to be tougher and slowly broke down The WST blocking abilities.  Case in point was Janicide Joplin’s impressive blocking in the 27th jam allowing Ska Face to score a grand slam, and dropping WST jammer, Brazilian Nut, on numerous occasions.  The WST’s will was being put to the test and the Second Wind wasn’t letting up at all.

Double Clutch was clutch for The WST and Megahurtz was laying hits left and right, but their abilities and teammates couldn’t handle the awesome wall of blue the Second Wind was putting up, nor the unmatched scoring power behind their jammers.

When the final whistle blew, the Second Wind dropped a massive bomb on The WST and abruptly took the Skyline Cup from them.  Once the scoring started, the Second Wind broke in with a multitude of monstrous hits and made mincemeat out of The WST.  From start to finish, it was no contest and so long as the Second Wind kept the momentum going, the Skyline Cup was theirs for the taking.  If they can keep the pace and bring that ferocity every time they face Gotham, The Skyline Cup will never leave Chicago again.  Sunshine N Painbows was awarded Player of the Game for the Second Wind.  They play their next bout on August 27th at 6 p.m. vs. the Ohio Rollers Girls.



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