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You saw a preview of how the four home teams stacked up against each other in the Pre-Season Charity bout on Jan. 28, but tomorrow the season is officially on and the teams are playing for keeps. This season brings a close-matched league with the retirement of several veteran skaters and the arrival of some new faces. So what can you expect, besides a lot of lead changes and flip-flopping on which team is going to win the Ivy King Cup? Here’s what one of the two captains from each home team have to say for 2012 (we'll hear from the other four later)...

Abbey, Double Crossers Captain

What do you want to accomplish with your team this year?
It's a beautiful thing to see my team come together and work as a unit.  I want to see that grow to an intense level.  I would also like to see rookies grow to be experienced players... for them to have the skills and confidence to own the track and support our vet players.

What should our Chicago fans look forward to, for those fans who have never seen the Windy City Rollers before?
Tons of fun!  Lots of cheering and shouting, high speed hits, jammers weaving through packs, smooth moves, beer/nachos/chaos, etc.

Which players should fans keep their eyes on?
Sunshine N Painbows is a fan favorite.  She started on the Double Crossers in the 2011 season and made it to the All-Stars before year end.  She just moves people out of her way whenever she wants to go somewhere.  Newcomer Cruel Whip has a great ability to find her way through the pack and over the course of the season will grow to be a strong force.  Veterans like Sassy Squash and Karmageddon are fun to see block... they are very hard to get around!  Also, Julia Rosenwinkel's aggression is a pleasure to watch.

What skill makes you feel like hot stuff and what skill makes you feel like a baby bird on skates?
I love to use my partner as an anchor so I have maximum force blocking a player over the line... I love love love digging my pelvic bone into people.  I'm still learning to use my agility effectively so I can avoid hits as a jammer.


Mya Ssault, Hell’s Belles Captain

What do you want to accomplish with your team this year?
To win the IKC! to get to the final game, I'd like to see the Belles work as a solid unit. We will win games not because we have an amazing jammer or the best blocker in the league but because we have a team that works REALLY well together.

What are the major differences on your team from last year?
We lost some key players this season, we don't have the luxury of relying on Shocka going out and having a 24 point jam, or Hermione running up to SMASH the opposing jammer.  You will be seeing quite a few up-and-comers on the track with us. Keep an eye out for A*bita Down, her rookie season is shaping up to be a good one!  And Pheobe Fi Fo Fum will be a real stand out for the Belles.

What’s your team’s intro song? Please explain.
Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill. The intro song is so important because it's gotta represent the team, pump up the team up to kick ass, and get the crowd stoked to see us play. I think Rebel Girl does all these things. Personally, I've always wanted For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica. But that's just me...

How do you pump up your team?
The Belles are so sappy, we actually send out inspirational videos and Michael Jordan quotes. I always play the song, 300 Violins, in the locker room, along with an ass-kicking speech. This last game Yameet Ur Doom played My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion ON THE RECORDER!!!!!!!


Mo Vengeance, Manic Attackers Captain

What do you want to accomplish with your team this year?
We're pushing deeper skills with our vets, like having players both jam and block. Working towards being a double-threat should be part of every derby skater's training, period. Internally, we're looking to get our newbs as much play time as possible, and really see that "click" happen in their heads. Picking up on game play -- and hanging with it at bout speeds -- is really challenging for first-year skaters, and they seem to be picking up pretty quickly. Oh yeah, and I want to win the Ivy King Cup!

What are the major differences on your team from last year?
We lost Amy Nonamey and Beth Amp as players - but got them as coaches. We got back new mom Ying O'Fire and Puck Eruption - classic Manic spirits! We also got 4 new baby Manics (that are almost all older than me, ha!) that have a real passion for the game and train hard. We've we also got 13 people onto the travel teams, which is amazing! For those that played on All-Stars & Second Wind last year, you'll really see how that interleague level of play has upped their game. We've got a great teamwork vibe going on, it's awesome to see how well the team works together. As far as players, Thievin' Tyler has really exploded as a jammer and overall player since her rookie season last year. She's like a mini Zoe Trocious – who I'm proud to say is very consistent point-scorer, but more importantly she's a crazy gazelle from The Matrix! Tamikaze is a player I quietly like to refer to as my "rock." She's a bad ass. My co-captain Bork, of course, is the world's most brutal muppet.

What should new fans look forward to, for those who have never seen the Windy City Rollers before?
The intensity & competitiveness. This is no doubt a trickle-down effect from all of our teams playing interleague games. We're a national force, we're always looking to push skills, mess around with strategy & rule loopholes... and of course, dancing on the pivot line.

Which home team are you most excited to face this season? Please explain.
The Hell's Belles! I think we make a pretty interesting match-up with them. They've got one of the most solid bottom lines this season, and they -- like us -- seem to really have fun out there.


Kola Loka, The Fury Captain

What do you want to accomplish with your team this year?
We are missing at least 5 powerhouse blockers. We also have some very good new talent. I want the 2012 team to meld the skills and experience of the new and the old so that the team is strong this year and continues to be strong next season.

Which players should fans keep their eyes on?
We have 3 experienced All-Stars: Yvette Yourmaker, Jackie Daniels and myself, plus up-and-coming skaters to watch: KonichiWOW (also a newly-minted All-Star and transfer from Buffalo), and Take Out Box, the unsung workhorse of The Fury.

What skill makes you feel like hot stuff and what skill makes you feel like a baby bird on skates?

I'm working on turning around backwards when getting blocked instead of falling down. It makes me feel like both depending on whether I nail it or not.

How do you pump up your team?
We have a special secret song.

The Fury is a team with a distinguished record. We are the only team to win 4 championships. We currently have the longest winning streak in WCR's history. Those are big shoulders to stand on. Therefore, we hope to uphold the same tough, hard working, and classy attitude that past Fury members have established as our modus operandi.


We are your 2012 home team captains. We are roller derby. 

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