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Posted January 15th, 2013

Last weekend the Windy City Rollers hosted their annual Black and Blue Ball to celebrate a great 2012 season and award the stand-out players. Congratulations to everyone who was recognized! We expect extraordinary things for the upcoming season!

Posted May 16th, 2012

Mothers Day 2012 seemed more like a heated sibling rivalry as the Hell’s Belles took on Windy City Rollers 2011 defending champs, The Fury, at the UIC Pavilion on Sunday, March 13, 2012.

Posted April 25th, 2012

The night’s first bout profiled some interesting surprises with Public Enemy Number One, Val Capone suiting up as a Hell’s Belle and donning the number 89 saying, “If I’m not red, I’m dead.” With that, the Double Crossers had a big money line up of All-Stars including Hoosier Mama, Ol' Drrrty Go-Go, and Varla Vendetta. The Double Crossers won the bout with a score of 115-107 but forfeit the win because they were allowed to substitute All-Stars for their injured players. At the end of the bout, the Hell’s Belles took ...

Posted March 13th, 2012

With the first place seeding on the line, the Manic Attackers took the fight to the Hell’s Belles and claimed a first place victory winning 168-102 at the UIC Pavilion Saturday night. Both teams were frothing from the beginning, but the Manic Attackers had the gas to hold on until the end and sent the Hell’s Belles home with a loss. With both teams going into triple digits, there was no shortage of scoring, but the Manic Attackers defense is what was holding strong as the final whistle blew.

Posted February 14th, 2012

The first jam of this season-changing bout started off in The Fury’s favor with Kola Loka racing against Zombea Arthur. With a track-cutting penalty, Zombea Arthur was sent to the penalty box leaving Kola Loka unopposed. Even though the Belles were doing their best to control the front of the pack, Kola Loka easily scored 15 points.

Posted January 31st, 2012

New scrapes and bruises were served up in mass quantities as all four home teams of the Windy City Rollers opened the 2012 season on Saturday night. Bracing against frigid air, the ladies of the Windy City Rollers brought the UIC Pavilion to a rolling boil with a charity tourney pitting all four teams against each other in single elimination, single half bouts.

Posted June 17th, 2011

Meet the teams and their captains!

Posted May 31st, 2011

131-95 victory over Hell's Belles gives The Fury tie for longest winning streak

Posted May 2nd, 2011

Hell's Belles warm with 171-89 victory over Double Crossers

Posted April 15th, 2011

Close game between between Manic Attackers and Hell's Belles leaves everyone reeling.

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