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Posted March 29th, 2013

Tori Adore retired at the end of 2011 after spending her entire derby career with The Fury, a team she lead as co-captain with Old Drrrty Go-Go to back to back championships. Tori was also an integral member of the WCR All-Star team, and she's recently rejoined Windy City as one of the All-Stars' bench coaches. See the All-Stars in action tomorrow, March 30, against the Montreal New Skids on the Block at the UIC Pavilion! Tickets are still available!

Posted December 1st, 2011

This week Karmageddon and Minerva Damage gave thanks for bruises and beer in the Huffington Post, the Bleacher Report prepared for the Roller Derby World Cup with some derby basics, and Gapers Block reported from the high-stakes Backed Track Chicago Invitational.

Posted October 24th, 2011

Starting the evening with a breakdance fight, the WCR All-Stars played host to the Tampa Tantrums at the UIC Pavilion on Saturday and sent them home with an incredibly lopsided win, beating them 196-42.

Posted September 7th, 2011

The Windy City Roller All-Stars took on the San Diego Wildfires on August 27th, 2011,  at the UIC Pavilion, beating them unmercifully by a score of 255-22.  For a bout with such a lopsided score, the San Diego team brought everything they had to the table and didn't go down without a fight.  The San Diego Derby Dolls have the distinction of being the only league in the Nation to be ranked on both flat and banked track, according to their web page, and it appears that the bank track ...

Posted July 22nd, 2011

Changes & additions on the horizon for 2012!

Posted June 14th, 2011

This week, Gapers Block and the RedEye gear up for the highly anticipated Ivy King Cup Championship bout. Meanwhile, the Examiner is left breathless when the Second Wind and All-Stars stomp on Cincinnati.

Posted May 31st, 2011

131-95 victory over Hell's Belles gives The Fury tie for longest winning streak

Posted May 20th, 2011

This week, the Windy City Rollers give Chicago Now the cure for sports fever, and the Chicago Tribune and Time Out Chicago gear up for the final regular season bout of the 2011 home season.

Posted May 2nd, 2011

Fury winning streak continues with 131-93 win over Manic Attackers.

Posted February 21st, 2011

The Fury Pound Manic Attackers for 145-85 win.

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