Team Fury Edges Closer to Longest Undefeated Streak

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Spring was in the air on April 23rd at the UIC Pavilion as the undefeated Fury faced off against friendly rival Manic Attackers.  The Fury was bedazzled from the waist down in pastel colors for the Easter holiday.  Instead of their usual breakdancing soundtrack, for this bout their intro music was “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” and they hopped to their respective Manic skater and handed them an Easter basket.  When the bout was over, though, The Fury remained the top undefeated seed in the league by beating the Manic Attackers 131-93.

Both teams were on a blocking cavalcade.  Sargentina was back in the lineup for The Fury and her presence was felt all over the track.  She and captain Tori Adore were the catalyst for the fever pitch of blocking throughout the bout.  On the other side of the scorecard, two-time Player of the Game, Bork Bork Bork, was making short work of Fury jammers as they worked hard to negotiate the pack.

Even with all of the hitting, The Fury was able to score an impressive 24 points in the first two jams behind Kola Loka’s four grand slams and Ska Face’s four points.  The Manic Attackers weren’t going to start off lying down, and answered back with Mo Vengeance, Bork Bork Bork and Tamikaze creating a psychotic wall of blue.  Behind the jamming of Zoe Trocious, Beth Amphetamine, Wreck N Shrew and Ruth Enasia, the Manics were managing to chip away at The Fury's lead.

Hitting was the flavor of the evening.  Both teams were dishing out serious punishment and any inch that either team got was fought for tooth and nail.  Fury jammer Kola Loka proved toughest of all.  Her versatility in skating and calmness under pressure were the equalizer for her team.  She was able to plow through a wall of Manics, or navigate effortlessly through loops and holes in the defense.   Both Take Out Box and Sargentina proved they could tally points as well in the jammer position.

With just under 11 minutes left in the first half, the score was 55-15 in favor of The Fury.  This margin didn’t stop the Manic Attackers, though, and they continued to fight to close the gap.  Zoe Trocious and Beth Amphetamine were both showing off their intense speed, zipping through the pack as though it weren’t even there.  Rookie Theivin’ Tyler jammed for the Manic Attackers as well, adapting quickly to their “hit it and quit it” strategy.  With the momentum gathering in favor of the Manic Attackers, both teams were standing hard behind their blockers and jammers and battling all the way down to the buzzer.  They went into the locker room with The Fury up 70-35.

As the second half started, both teams continued to show some serious heat.  Zoe Trocious scored 12 points for the Manic Attackers in the first jam of the second half, kicking off a foot race to mount points for jammers on both sides.  With all the speed and still-intense hitting, the penalty box was a revolving door.  There were a ton of hits on both sides and some fancy footwork by the jammers.  Ska Face and Kola Loka added large numbers to The Fury’s score and were an excellent one-two combination.

With just over 17 minutes left in the bout, Zoe Trocious juked Sargentina almost completely out of her skates and scored an impressive 20 points.  The gap was closing fast and the score was set at 87-72 in favor of The Fury.  Manic Attacker fans were erupting inside the UIC Pavilion and standing proudly behind their team.

But The Fury proved why they are the defending champs, and three jams later turned the tide on the Manic Attackers.  Though Bork Bork Bork was still hitting hard and laying waste to her opposing players, Fury jammer Kola Loka brushed it off with 20 points and gave The Fury a dominant 111-72 lead with just 11:39 left in the bout.

Time dwindled and both sides were still firing on all cylinders, but in the end The Fury had more salt and won the bout 131-93.  Kola Loka was named Player of the Game.  Though the Fury has a habit of allowing opposing teams to get dangerously close to their lead, they always pull it together as a collective and bring home a win for the team and the fans.  The Manic Attackers are still very much alive and in contention for the number two spot in the league.  The Fury face off against the Hell’s Belles and the Manic Attackers are facing the Double Crossers on May 21 at the UIC Pavilion.

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