The Fury Keeps Winning Streak Going

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As the evening began for yet another fine night of roller derby, The Fury came out to the track with a religious fervor in an effort to maintain a winning streak for the 2011 season.  With a 135-87 win over the Double Crossers, they solidified a spot in the Ivy King Cup Championship and a chance at a repeat from last season.  The bout was packed with hard hits and highflying acrobatics that had the UIC Pavilion reeling with cheers and jeers.

The night was different than usual for The Fury, as they debuted rookie blocker SpartaKris and were down one of their powerhouse blockers, Sargentina.  The team still managed to maintain its top form.  By the end of the 5th jam, The Fury was up 17-5 and both teams were ready to start duking it out.  Behind Kola Loka, Ska Face and Jackie Daniels jamming; Ol’ Drrty Go-Go, Red Zeppelin, Slammy Sosa, Yvette YourMaker and Mel Content blocking, The Fury got an extensive lead early on in the bout.  The Double Crossers were working hard to keep the pace, especially with Julia Rosenwinkel out of the lineup.

Indycent, Abbey, Dani Get Yer Guns and Dame Over took to their jamming duties and helped keep the Double Crossers from falling too far behind.  Indycent and Tina Flay were working well in concert together.  Flay was handing out whips and Indycent was eating them up, zipping around the track like her skates were on fire.

Fury rookies SpartaKris and Janicide Joplin were making waves on the track as well, adding depth to the Fury blocking dimensions and keeping the team alive as their jammers were scoring grand slam after grand slam and keeping the lead near-unattainable before the end of the first half.  On the other side of the scorecard, Georgia on Yer Behind and Sunshine N Painbows were working their hits like pro boxers.  Behind these two blockers, the Double Crossers were trying to keep the lead close and get a chance at tallying a win for the season.  As the teams went into the halftime break, though, The Fury was up 84-39.

The beginning of the second half brought on two amazing feats from both teams.  The Double Crossers put Sunshine N Painbows in as jammer in the 3rd jam, and she solidified that not only is she a powerhouse in the blocking realm, but that she is also an amazing jammer.  Tallying eight points on her first go-round, she put up the first XXer points for the half.  The other great feat of the night came from Ska Face as she made a leap of faith over the apex on the first turn.  In roller derby, it’s no surprise to see agile jammers take the inside through the air, but Ska Face made a Michael-Jordan-slam-dunk-from-the-free-throw-line-jump past the entire pack and landed in full stride, continuing on to score four points.  The crowd held their breath as she was mid-flight, wondering when she was ever going to come down.

With all the circus-like antics happening, The Fury still stuck hard to their point-scoring and drove the point home as Jackie Daniels, Yvette YourMaker and Kola Loka kept the pace and mounted point after point to keep the game interesting all the way to the end.  Norma Lee Wright and Georgia on Yer Behind were difference-makers for the Double Crossers and kept a strong wall of black up front when they were on the track.

The Double Crossers weren’t ready to quit before the final whistle, and behind top-notch blocking they were mounting a comeback.  Indycent, Abbey and Sunshine N Painbows were adapting “the hit it and quit it” technique and it was working for their team.  Towards the waning minutes of the bout, the Double Crossers brought in Miss D. Meaner for her rookie debut to block in front of Sunshine and Painbows as she tallied four quick points, getting her team worked up for a rally from behind.

The rally wasn’t enough, though, and The Fury managed to maintain the lead, winning 135-87 and keeping the Double Crossers winless for the season.  Though The Fury made off with a win, the Double Crossers made a point to make the league recognize their thus-winless season isn’t without a momentous amount of showmanship and drive.  The ladies of the Double Crossers are still making a mark on the league even if they can’t yet tally a win.  Fury favorite Kola Loka was named Player of the Game.  The Fury go on to play the Manic Attackers on April 23rd in what may be a precursor to the Ivy King Cup Championship in June, while the Double Crossers play the Hell’s Belles in the second bout of the evening.

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