The Fury Reign Supreme for Second Year in a Row

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The lead up to this bout needs no real introduction other than the fact that both teams were frothing mad with the want to win months before the bout even began.  In true Manic fashion, the Manic Attackers were introduced as the Manic Man mascot was conducting some calisthenics in the center of the track.  Defending champions, The Fury, who were on a 12-0 winning streak, were not only looking for their second Ivy King Cup in a row (and fourth in league history), but also working for that coveted 13th win and the longest win streak in league history.

Both The Fury and Manic Attackers were ready for war from the get-go, but after the final whistle blew, The Fury won the bout and the Ivy King Cup with a score of 121-77.  Both teams wanted the win badly and it showed, but The Fury’s deep jammer pool and cohesive pack play lead to a solid victory and the league's longest win streak.

As the bout started, both teams came out swinging with stiff defense and incredible jammer combat that kept the score low and the action high.  Wreck N Shrew scored the first points for the Manic Attackers in the second jam, and then both teams cranked up the defense.  There wasn’t another point tallied until Ska Face came out against Zoe Trocious in the fifth jam.  Both girls were fighting like mad to make it through the pack and Zoe Trocious got lead jammer thanks to the hard hitting of Val Capone and Wreck N Shrew.  The score was 7-8 in favor of the Manic Attackers and then the floodgates opened.

The lead changed twice early on in the second half thanks to Kola Loka jamming hard for The Fury and Wreck N Shrew jamming for the Manic Attackers.  The scoring was intense, but the blocking was pivotal for both teams.  Amy Nonamey, Val Capone, Bork Bork Bork and Tamikaze were holding The Fury jammers hard, giving the Manic Attackers a chance to stay in the game.  Behind the defense of Ol Drrrty Go-Go, Red Zeppelin, Sargentina and T.S. Helliot, though, The Fury was able to keep the momentum on their side for the better part of the first half.

Sargentina laid a punishing hit to Zoe Trocious in the 8th jam, giving The Fury full swing on the Manic Attackers.  Val Capone and Jackie Daniels were trading blows throughout the first half too, creating holes for Yvette YourMaker, Ska Face and Kola Loka.  It was a non-stop hitting cavalcade before the whistle blew to end the first half and it looked like The Fury could run away with the lead early.  AliSin Chains, Ada Hatelace and Val Capone took matters into their own hands and created a huge scoring chance for Beth Amphetamine with just under ten minutes left in the half where she scored an impressive 14 points.

Both teams were rolling fast but that didn’t stop The Fury from keeping the lead and behind a couple of grand slams from Ska Face late in the half, they went into the locker room up 64-39 over the Manic Attackers.  The beginning of the half was a back-and-forth battle between both teams.  Hitting was the order of the day right from the get-go.  The score favored both sides of the scoreboard early on, but The Fury managed to pull away and mount a significant score as the half drew on, but not before the Manic Attackers could make their presence felt.



The second half saw no shortage of action from both sides.  With the Manic Attackers down, they threw it all on the line and the blocking power of Mo Vengance, Amy Nonamey, Bork Bork Bork and Tamikaze was being felt throughout.  There was a terrible collision between Amy Nonamey and Kola Loka; Amy went down hard and there was a stoppage in play.  As she recovered, the silent UIC Pavilion erupted in applause and the bout rolled on.

The entire second half was an ebb and flow of hits and scoring.  Carnage Wilson and Mel Content turned on the gas late in the bout to keep The Fury afloat, hitting Manic Attacker jammers Ruth Enasia and Zoe Trocious at will and making notice to the league and the fans that The Fury was ready to hoist the cup again.

The pack looked like a meat grinder and every point the jammers scored, they truly earned.  The Manic Attackers’ fan base came out in full force as well and kept the morale up behind their bench for the rest of the half.  With just under ten minutes to go in the bout and the score set at 109-58 in favor of The Fury, both teams were standing behind their blockers to keep the action going.  Bork Bork Bork and Val Capone were menacing The Fury jammers and Sonya MouthShut alongside Sargentina and Mel Content were holding Manic Attackers jammers at bay.

Take Out Box jammed for The Fury late in the bout and tallied six points for her team over two jams.  The Manic Attackers weren’t going down without a fight, and in the waning minutes of the bout Zoe Trocious and Wreck N Shrew were still mounting an impressive amount of points.  As the final whistle blew, though, it wasn’t enough to get the Manic Attackers a win and they fell to The Fury 121-77.  Both teams gave their all, but The Fury showed their depth and determination to get the longest winning streak in the league and the Ivy King Cup for a second year in a row.  Ska Face was named Player of the Game for The Fury and Val Capone was given the Player of the Game title for the Manic Attackers.

As the season comes to a close, there’s much change and hope on the horizon for all four teams within the Windy City Rollers.  Next season will hold so many possibilities it’s almost will truly be anyone’s year. Congratulations to the players and coaches on all the home teams and we all look forward to next season.  And now, on to the All-Stars and Second Wind!

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    • Ken Matlob said:

      I am very proud of Team Fury and their awesome season. I also want to congrat Val and Ska great job.

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