The Manic Attackers Electrocute the Double Crossers

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The Manic Attackers were ahead from the start. The speedy feet of Abbey, jamming against the determined Zoe “The Matrix” Trocious, wasn’t enough to secure lead jammer status due to a stalwart roadblock of electric blue and yellow. Zoe Trocious scored an easy 4 points by the end of jam 1 and the Double Crossers were left empty handed.

A mighty Manic barricade consisting of AliSin Chains, Ying O’Fire and Outlaw held Dani Get Your Guns back in the second jam. Rose Feratu earned three more points for the Manics bringing the score to 7-0.

The Double Crossers finally got on the board with the smooth moves of transfer skater, Cruel Whip, in the 6th jam. Pitted against point-scoring champion Zoe Trocious, Cruel Whip had her work cut out for her. With the remarkable help from her teammates, Cruel was able to break through the pack and gain lead jammer status, scoring 2 points for the Double Crossers.

Multiple penalties and a sparse roster kept the Double Crossers behind, regardless of standout stellar blocking from Sassy Squash, Sunshine N Painbows, Karmageddon, Julia Rosenwinkel, Berg and Busty Brabender. The scoreboard didn’t change for the Double Crossers until mid game, where indomitable and skillful lead jammer, Abbey, scored 5 points, bringing the score to 41-7.

Dani Get Your Guns sparred off against Rose Feratu in the 17th jam. With 3 Double Crossers in the penalty box, Cruel Whip and Julia Rosenwinkel were forced to do all of the heavy lifting. The Manics were able to keep Cruel Whip back, leaving a huge opening for Rose Feratu to bring home the bacon with a half time score of 92-15.

The unparalleled blocking from Ada Hatelace, AliSin Chains, Bork Bork Bork, Ruth Enasia, Rose Feratu and Tamikaze as well as the lickedy split jamming of Bellatrix Lapain, Thievin’ Tyler, Outlaw and Zoe Trocious in the second half silenced the Double Crossers. The Manics worked as a solid team unit on the track, cycling through their jammers and blockers, and they were able to consistently tack up more points on the board.

Midpoint through the second half, the Double Crossers gained momentum as they held lead jammer status for three consecutive jams bringing the score to 127-35.

Rookie Teddy Slams and returning veteran Puck Eruption faced off in the 15th jam. Teddy Slams suffered multiple blows but she couldn’t be stopped. Quick juke moves and maneuvering put her in the lead on her first scoring pass. Sunshine N Painbows managed to create some holes, helping Teddy Slams to score a hard-earned 3 points, bringing the score to 146-44.

In the end, The Manic Attackers won 151-62, with Zoe Trocious earning MVP for the game.

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