Under the Helmet: Interview with Zoe Trocious, MVP

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Find out how a combination of determination, defense, and pepper transforms Zoe Trocious into The Matrix in this interview with the MVP.

  What was going through your head during this bout?

When I'm on the jam line, even when we're winning, I'm always a little nervous. I usually try to remember that I do this for fun, and I don't suck at it, so I should just try to do my best. And then I get into whatever song is playing until the whistle blows. While I'm jamming... I think all jammers have to have memories like goldfish. I know I do. When I'm in the pack, I think "Go! Go! Go!" and that's
about it; it's kind of a blur. But when I'm out of the pack, I thankfully forget whatever hard hits or horrible falls happened the last time around and just think "I want more points, let's do it again."

What was the most memorable moment for you?

I remember the first jam the most because I had some good jammer-on-jammer D in the pack right before I got out and got lead, and I was pretty proud of that. (I also remember that the DJ was playing Whitney Houston while we were on the starting line for the first jam.) Somewhere I had a 22ish point jam but I honestly don't remember that one.

What was your bout day breakfast?

I go to the same diner every bout day and get the same thing: 2 eggs over medium, rye toast no butter, bacon + extra bacon, hash browns, coffee + a large grapefruit juice. I like my eggs with an inhuman amount of pepper and I usually make a sort of open-faced sandwich with them and my toast. Sometimes if I'm still hungry I eat the rest of my girlfriend's pancakes, too.

I am Zoe Trocious. I am a Manic Attacker. I am Roller Derby.

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