Under the Helmet: Interview with Zombea Arthur, MVP

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Check out an interview with Zombea Arthur, MVP of the Belles vs Fury bout!

What was going through your head during this bout?

Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe. Win this jam. Breathe, breathe. Now win this jam. Catch her, make her call it. Breathe. This is happening. We’re doing it. It's happening. We're going to win this game.

What was the most memorable moment for you?

When we were at about 15 minutes til the end, I knew I had to start running the clock as much as possible. Kill as much of the period clock as possible. Fury had been starting the jams on their knees so Belles couldn't stall off the jam whistle, to give them the most amount of time to score points. I was jamming against Kola yet again, and I knew she was going to hit me off the line as she had been all night. So I didn't sprint off the line and just kinda rolled, she was waiting for me a few feet ahead, looking at me, wanting to hit me, but I just kinda shuffled forward, a close but safe distance from her.  We were almost at a stop and right near the pivot line, I hear the Fury bench coach scream to Kola, "She's killing the time!" Kola and I had finally reached the pack; I handed her off to a scary 4-wall of red and went sprinting on the outside. There were only 2 Fury blockers on the track, I dodged them and got lead jammer at turn 3 and gave the BIGGEST smile to my bench.

What was your bout day breakfast?

Two cups of coffee. Two eggs over-easy and two pieces of buttered toast. I might've had a banana and an orange as well. I meant to take a picture, but I was too hungry.


I am Zombea Arthur. I am a Hell's Belle. I am Roller Derby. 

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    • Dave Stanford said:

      Kola was giving Zombea some big hits off of the line, but you can't keep a good Zombea down.

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