WCR All-Stars Stomp Out the Tampa Tantrums

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Starting the evening with a breakdance fight, the WCR All-Stars played host to the Tampa Tantrums at the UIC Pavilion on Saturday and sent them home with an incredibly lopsided win, beating them 196-42. Touting the fastest woman on skates, Tampa’s Barbie Bont was the biggest standout from the team, scoring a majority of their points. But, Tampa’s blocking crew couldn’t quite measure up to the stopping power of Deb Autry, Bork Bork Bork, Sunshine N Painbows, Georgia on Yer Behind and Hoosier Mama.

The bout was a blowout from the very beginning where the All-Stars scored 62 unanswered points before Barbie Bont could tally 3 points for her team. As the first half wore on, the All-Star blocking crew made mincemeat out of every jammer that was coming through the line, and handled the Tantrum's defense like they were sheep being lead to slaughter. As Wreck N Shrew, Athena DeCrime and Varla Vendetta were scoring at will, Sunshine N Painbows and Hoosier Mama were taking liberties with the Tantrum's defense. The half ended with the All-Stars up 110-12.

There was no change of pace for the second half, even as Barbie Bont pulled off a grand slam in the first jam. It didn't do much to sway the All-Stars as they continued on their scoring run strafing the scoreboard with grand slam after grand slam. The point scoring was merciless, and, to the Tampa Tantrum’s defense, Tampa took it in stride. Both teams threw everything they had at each other, including the All-Stars jamming veteran Tori Adore in her last bout as a Windy City Roller. At the final whistle, the score was set at 196-42 and Tampa was sent home to lick their wounds.

Georgia on Yer Behind was awarded player of the game.

The All-Stars aren't done yet! The WCR All-Stars have their sights firmly set on Denver as they head to the WFTDA Championships, which begin on Nov 11!

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