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ABC’s The Chew stopped by the rink to feature Tay Q. Down on her love of baking cupcakes and bruising chicks. Meanwhile, our friends at Gapers Block report rinkside from our last bout.

ABC – The Chew


Evette Rios – Design for Fun Living

The Photos

Check out all of the great photos on the day from Evette Rios’ blog. She includes a short review of her experience, a slide show of her photos as well as the video clip from The Chew.

See it here!

The Gaper's Block

Hell's (Belles) A-Blazin' 

On Saturday, the Windy City Rollers' 2012 home season kicked off with an upset...The Hell's Belles surprised everyone--perhaps even themselves--as they broke The Fury's 14-game winning streak.

Read it here!


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