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This week WCRX-FM smelled what's cooking when they interviewed favorite Windy City Rollers blocker, Bork Bork Bork, while the Windy City Times jumped on Hermione Danger's magic stick for a close encounter with the Hell's Belles co-captain.


The Process: Sports Edition

Roller derby has become quite a popular sport. The 2009 release of Whip It made it apparent that the sport is gaining popularity and is here to stay. Athletes in this sport pay fees to their leagues, buy their own equipment, and spend long hours practicing and performing their sport.

Listen to the interview!

Windy City Times

Tammy Matthews works her magic on the track

'No matter what, the 2011 derby season is going to be successful for the Belles. This is our second year of rebuilding. Every game, we get a little stronger, faster and more competitive. For the league, the 2011 season is going to be profitable. Derby has never been so popular, and the talent in the league has never been so extraordinary.'

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