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This week, the Windy City Rollers give Chicago Now the cure for sports fever, and the Chicago Tribune and Time Out Chicago gear up for the final regular season bout of the 2011 home season.

Chicago Now

Chicago Roller Derby: The Quick & Dirty

Regardless of whether you're a baseball fan or booked up watching the Bulls playoffs this weekend, The Windy City Rollers matches are good competitive stuff to watch. Like with the best of sports, the home bouts have an atmosphere similar to Wrigley or The Cell, which makes you feel like you're not just watching but participating.

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Chicago Tribune

The Windy City Rollers

The league's sixth bout of the home season determines which two teams compete in June for the Ivy King Cup Championship. Windy City Gay Idol 2006 winner Christy Hasselson sings the national anthem.

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Time Out Chicago

This week in Chicago

[This weekend's] bout determines the final standings of the home season. First up: the Fury vs. Hell's Belles at 6pm. At 7:30pm, the Double Crossers take on the Manic Attackers.

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