WCR Wins the 2011 North Central Regionals 123-100

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The Windy City Rollers battled their way out of the penalty box to secure the #1 seed in the North Central region and preserve an incredible 23-0 record. Minnesota took an early lead in the Regional final, but with some incredibly physical gameplay the Rollers struggled back to retake the lead. Those points came at a huge cost, however, as jammer Zoe Trocious was expelled from the game for gross misconduct and Windy City found themselves constantly cycling in and out of the penalty box. Despite a strong effort by Yvette YourMaker to close out the half, when the dust cleared the Minnesota RollerGirls led the Windy City Rollers 55-41.

The second half opened with stutters and starts, with both teams trading a number of low-point jams, but with 25 minutes remaining Jackie Daniels coupled a heroic effort with a locked-in group of blockers for a tide-turning run to put Windy City up 69-56. Just a few jams later the crowd held its breath as Varla granted Minnesota with a power jam opportunity, but a crucial hit by Yvette YourMaker saved the day and Windy City's lead. From there, the Rollers were able to hold on to their lead, closing out the bout 123-100.

With their win, Windy City holds on to their undefeated record in the region and will head to the WFTDA Championships in November along with Gotham Girls Roller Derby, Philly Roller Girls, and Charm City Roller Girls in the East; Oly Rollers, Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, and Rose City Rollers in the West; Texas Rollergirls, Kansas City Roller Warriors, and Nashville Roller Girls from the South Centrals; and Minnesota RollerGirls and Naptown Roller Girls from the North Centrals.

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