Windy City All-Stars Fall to the Kansas City Roller Warriors

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The Windy City Rollers All-Stars faced off against the Kansas City Roller Warriors All Stars in a grudge match-type bout Saturday, September 10, 2011 at the UIC Pavilion. 

At the end of the bout, WCR was behind the 8-ball and fell to a determined Kansas City team by a score of 111-92.  The UIC Pavilion transformed into the Terror Dome, where two teams would enter but only one would leave.

The first half was nothing short of a disaster for the WCR All-Stars.  Kansas City came out swinging from the onset and didn't let up.  KC jammer Kelley Young (skating under her real name) scored a grand slam in the opening jam.  It was immediately apparent to the WCR team and its fans that this #1 South Central regional team was here on serious business and looking for a win.

Athena DeCrime answered back with 10 points two jams later, gaining an early lead over Kansas City.  Ol' Drrrty Go-Go and Yvette YourMaker owned the front of the pack for the jam and made scoring rather easy for Athena DeCrime.  Penalties became an issue for both teams and the lead fluctuated back and forth during the first half.

There was nothing on the WCR bench that could stop KCRW from scoring at will in the first half.  Behind the speed and talent of Hall Balls and Kelley Young, KCRW was mounting a monstrous attack against WCR and had them rocked back on their heels.  As the penalties mounted for WCR, so did the points against them, and their chances for bouncing back hung in the wings somewhere between a miracle and raw talent.  As the whistle blew at the end of the first half, an unheard-of hush fell over the crowd as the score was set at 78-18.

With the start of the second half, an all-new WCR team came out of the locker room.  The bout turned into a barn-burner where jammers Jackie Daniels, Wreck N Shrew and Zoe Trocious took the fight back to Kansas City.  Sargentina stepped up her intensity and was landing hard hits alongside teammates Georgia on Yer Behind and Hoosier Mama.  WCR jammer, Varla Vendetta, was trading blows with KCRW jammers and adding to the physical presence of the team as the bout rolled on.

In the 6th jam of the second half, Ol' Drrty Go-Go, Bork Bork Bork and Sargentina were zeroing in on the KCRW jammer, Case Closed, creating opportunities left and right on the track.  The blocking crew was making holes for jammer Varla Vendetta, who scored a much needed 15 points.  With just over 18 minutes left in the bout, WCR was closing the gap on Kansas City and the crowd was starting to erupt inside the UIC Pavilion.  In two jams, WCR scored 22 unanswered points and the score was set at 93-61 in favor of KCRW.

The intensity kept growing in favor of WCR and the entire venue was on fire.  Not only was the WCR bench swarming with activity, the fans were behind their team and helping the motivation develop at an alarming rate.  With only minutes left in the bout, WCR jammer Zoe Trocious took to the track against KCRW’s Track Rat in a deciding moment in the bout.  As the jam continued on, Zoe Trocious got lead jammer as Bork Bork Bork dropped Track Rat to the ground.  The building came alive and the crowd was ready to witness an explosive comeback by the WCR All-Stars.  The excitement grew as Track Rat was sent to the penalty box and a power jam started for Zoe Trocious and company.  At the end of the jam, Zoe Trocious has scored a much-needed 14 points and the score was 95-83, still in favor of Kansas City, but there was light at the end of the tunnel.

As the bout neared the end, both teams cranked up the intensity and it was an all-out foot race to the end.  It was a 10-point game at one point, and it looked like a miraculous comeback for WCR.

If it there were a moment in time where people should be biting their nails and pulling out their hair it was in this bout.  There wasn't a moment safe for blinking during the second half where WCR brought the game back to Kansas City and almost stole a win away from a gladiator of a flat track derby team.  The ladies in blue and white were holding hard with solid blocking and fancy navigation by their jammers, but KCRW kept the speed up, and the momentum shifted in their direction.  When the smoke cleared, WCR lost by a narrow margin, with the score set at 111-92. Though it was a loss, this bout was the best home game of the All-Star season hands down and there was no shortage of action from both sides of the scoreboard.

Bruz-Her from the Kansas City Roller Warriors won player of the game.

WCR faces off next against the Tampa Derby Darlins at UIC Pavilion on October 22.


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