Windy City Roller All-Stars Gnarl The Steel City Derby Demons

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The Windy City Roller All-Stars took on The Steel City Derby Demons from Pittsburgh on Saturday, July 30th at the UIC Pavilion, beating them in an intensely sensational 147-117 win.  The bout was well rounded for the most part and both teams wanted the win, but WCR came out on top in the end and maintained their dominance in the Windy City.  With the athleticism and eagerness boiling over, WCR came out to “Fat Bottomed Girls” by Queen.  The voice of the Windy City Rollers, Bryant Mumbles, announced, “We would like to thank Hot Doug’s because they are awesome, as they are WCR’s only encased meat sponsor.”

The lead went back and forth in the first few jams, partially because of excellent jamming and blocking and partially because of early major penalties.  Zoe Trocious, Varla Vendetta and Beth Amphetamine were all in top form right from the beginning.  Steel City had a jamming clan that was impressive as well behind ‘snot rocket science, The Shocker and Hurricane Heather.

As the half continued, Steel City brought out some serious hitters like Athena and Bonecrusher to stave off the speed and agility of Zoe Trocious who was skating through the pack like a bolt of lightning.  Yvette YourMaker and Jackie Daniels were the snipers for WCR, pinpointing and taking out calculated targets.  Sargetnina and Hoosier Mama were making waves and destroying the beefed-up power potential of the Steel City team.

There were some massive blows traded on the track between both teams.  WCR’s Deb Autry took out Athena, allowing Varla Vendetta to score nine points in the 6th jam but not after Varla Vendetta was taken to the floor by Steel City’s Bonecrusher.  In the 9th jam, Damage Dahl laid an impressive hit on WCR’s Georgia on Yer Behind.    Both teams were working to prove they were mightier, but WCR came out on top at the end of the first half.  Ol Drrrty Go-Go was laying heavy hits on the Steel City jammer line, laying ‘snot rocket science out in the last jam of the half.  ODG’s hard hitting stopped ‘snot rocket science dead in her tracks and allowed Jackie Daniels to score two grand slams before the whistle.

It was a mashed up mess of twisted steel in the first half.  Steel City brought some serous poundage with them in the form of Bonecrusher, Athena and Damage Dahl and they really smashed the tar out of WCR but not before the ladies from Chicago took a scoring run from hell to them.  All things considered, the first half was a well matched, back-and-forth measured only by the hit-by-hit excitement and white-knuckle intensity brought by both teams.  WCR went to the locker rooms up 70-38.

Steel City came out in the second half with an apparent answer to WCR’s scoring and blocking.  Behind ‘snot rocket science and Hurricane Heather they were chipping away at the WCR lead.  Both teams wanted a win and neither side was relenting.  Norma Lee Wright made her presence felt in the second half taking The Shocker out in the 27th jam.  WCR was a recycling machine and ODG and Georgia on Yer Behind were at the head of that campaign.  Zoe Trocious still had the jets through the second half and kept the scoring going along with Beth Amphetamine, Varla Vendetta and Athena DeCrime.

Sargentina also jumped in on ecycling duty and was wrecking balls all night long.  Hoosier Mama was helping out and punishing the Steel City jammer pool from start to finish.  Towards the end of the bout, though, it turned ugly for WCR.  Continuous major penalties were slowing their scoring and allowing Steel City to mount some points behind The Shocker and ‘snot rocket science.  By the 35th jam, Steel City was down only by 20 points and quickly it was anyone’s game.

By the last two jams, Varla Vendetta and Jackie Daniels, behind the blocking of ODG and Hoosier Mama, were able to get WCR the win and took Steel City out with a score of 147-117.  WCR was in danger of losing the bout towards the end, but teamwork and solid strategy calm helped them claim victory.  Steel City didn’t go down without a fight, though, and their ‘never say die’ attitude kept them close through the end.   Varla Vendetta was awarded Player of the Game for the Windy City Rollers All-Stars.  WCR takes on the San Diego Derby Dolls on August 27th at the UIC Pavilion.

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