Have you always dreamed of being a Windy City Roller? Now is your chance!

We hold tryouts regularly throughout the year. No skating experience required!
Click the button below to send our tryout coordinators an email, tell ’em you want to be in the know, and they’ll keep you informed about all tryout-related activities.

To prepare for tryouts, here are some recommendations from our trainers and captains:


Get in shape.

The more you skate, the better. Tryouts consist of a fitness test, skating ability test and an interview about your availability and skills.

Watch roller derby.

Learn about the sport, the rules, and the physical demands it might place on your body and mind.

Talk to league members.

Ask questions. We can tell you what it really takes. Roller girls come from all walks of life, with varying levels of experience on and off the track.


Get an inside look at league life and see how we operate. If you’re interested, please send us your information at

Come to a "Learn to Skate" clinic.

Want to try out your skate legs before tryouts? We regularly hold clinics in our practice space. You don’t need any experience to join these clinics. Email for more information.

Windy City Roller League Member Responsibilities:

  • Pay monthly dues
  • Attend 2-4 practices per week
  • Pay for upkeep of equipment (skates, pads, helmet, uniforms, band-aids, etc)
  • Get lots of bumps and bruises
  • Have a ton of fun and be around wonderful, supportive, and hardcore athletes


The Windy City Rollers Basic Training program features two skill levels tailored to your level of experience. Coached by other members of the league, this program trains & supports newer skaters to get them ready to play roller derby!

Basic Training 1 – skating skills

Skaters on this level are taught basic skating skills needed in the game of flat track roller derby.

Basic Training 2 – contact skills

Skaters on this level have passed all basic skating skills, and are taught pack and contact skills needed in the game of flat track roller derby.

Haymarket Rioters – scrimmage skills

All skaters on this level have passed all WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirements. The Haymarket Rioters functions as a recreational roller derby team, that typically doesn’t require traveling for games. Skaters who wish to get drafted to a travel team will have to pass the WFTDA Rules test.


The Windy City Rollers love when other derby skaters come to town. We welcome you both at our bouts and our practices.

Cheer for us!

We offer all visiting skaters $10 tickets to our bouts. To get these seats, please email before bout day so we can get you on our list. Due to our production schedule, the deadline for submitting names to the discount tickets list is 7pm on the Wednesday prior to the bout. If you’re in town and would like to volunteer at our bout, please contact

Skate with us!

All visiting skaters must have proof of current insurance and sign a waiver releasing us from liability in case of injury. Please bring your own gear, and keep in mind that all safety equipment is required. Contact for information on practice dates and our location.


Have you always dreamed of being a Windy City Roller? Now is your chance!
Our officials don’t only attend our bouts, they are present throughout the season to assist with practices and scrimmages. Our officials are an important part of the Windy City Rollers Family, and we couldn’t do it without them. Our officials also represent WCR in WFTDA bouts and tournaments, including playoffs.

Are you interested in becoming a skating or non-skating official with WCR? We’d love to have you! Email for more information.


Please consider making a donation, contributions in any amount are appreciated, thank you for your support. Click here for sponsorship details.

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